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Ten Good Reasons to Advertise With Us

1We blanket the marketplace: more big-time growers than any other publication in our circulation area.

2Growers read Ag Equipment Power Magazine. And that's why so many of our customers have remained loyal year after year over the past 34 years.

3Readership surveys give Ag Equipment Power Magazine a resounding edge. A major equipment company, for example, recently asked farmers frequenting its outlets which publications they read most thoroughly. Ag Equipment Power Magazine was the overwhelming favorite. No other publications were even close.

4Farmers are shopping for bargains, and they identify bargain shopping with Ag Equipment Power Magazine. The major reason they pick up the magazine is to see what's available in new and used equipment and supplies.

5We're the best looking tabloid in the Northwest. From our high quality paper to our editorial content, photography and layout, you can be proud to be a part of Ag Equipment Power Magazine. You can be sure your advertisement will have impact.

6Guaranteed distribution to all our readers. No hand outs! All of our magazines are mailed. We guarantee it.

7Ag Equipment Power Magazine staff members are experienced and they care. You can trust that your advertisement will be carefully handled and placed. A quality presentation will add to your product's image in the marketplace.

8Our readers are big buyers of equipment and supplies. It only makes sense to get your message to our audience. They are big-acreage farmers who spend a lot each year on machinery, herbicides, fungicides and other supplies and services.

9Your advertising budget will stretch farther. For a quality publication, our cost per thousand is among the most economical in the industry. Ag Equipment Power Magazine's publishers are holding the line for you in spite of spiraling costs for printing and publication. You'll get more exposure for your advertising dollar.

10You'll get results. Year after year the feedback rolls in: Ag Equipment Power Magazine gets the job done. A small advertising investment will increase your bottom line.

Call us at 1-800-869-7923 to discuss your advertising plans.

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